We discovered nano-technology in 2012 in our energy efficiency business, Intuitive Energy Solutions, Inc.  The unique properties of nano-technology allowed us to offer customers better performance with distinctive properties in reflective paints and window coating products.  With experience in auto/marine detailing, we started to research uses of nano-technology in paint protection products for the automotive industry.  Of the many products on the market, all had drawbacks; difficult to apply, didn’t last long, uneven finish, etc.  We found scientists with products that addressed these short-comings and partnered with them to create a business strategy around superior products and value that will transform the way we all think about protecting our most valuable assets; cars, boats, industrial equipment, infrastructure, and textiles.  Since early 2014, Nanohide has continually advanced our products through key partnerships, testing, and research.  We have Nanohide products on surfaces all throughout the world, including the U.S., Canada, South America, Africa, and the Middle East.  We look forward to developing new products, markets, and partnerships to grow our company.