Our paint correction services are customized to the customer’s needs.  We offer a free consultation and estimate to all customers when they bring their vehicle into our shop.  We’ll inspect your vehicle’s paint thoroughly, explain to you the nature and severity of the defects, and give you resolution options based upon price, level of defect correction, desired look, and time. 


All estimates and services provided on an appointment only basis. 

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The primary purpose of all nanotechnology based coatings is to add protection to paint systems from environmental contaminants, UV rays, chemicals, salt, etc. Without protection paint systems dull and deteriorate rapidly.  In addition, nanotechnology based protective coatings increase gloss and Distinction of Image, DOI. DOI is measured to characterize the visual appearance of polished high-gloss surfaces such as automotive car finishes beyond the capabilities of gloss.


Nanohide began working with John Suerth, a leading scientist in nanotechnology based surface coatings, back in 2012.  Together, we fine tuned a self-healing formula of John’s by going through iterations of testing to make the product easy for detailers to install while creating the highest gloss and durability of any product on the market.  When John and his partners created Feynlab in 2016, we decided it was time to combine forces and put our years of experience together with the scientific minds to help grow Feynlab throught the U.S. and the world.  Today, Nanohide represents Feynlab in a sales/training/technical support role for the Northeast/Southeast US as well as Central & South America.  In addition, we maintain our shop in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area in order to directly provide our customer’s with the highest quality coatings available as well as participate in product development and training of Feynlab installers.  This allows Nanohide to continuously be on the forefront of the coating industry.

Self-Healing Coating Line

No other company in the world provides a wipe-on, affordable self-healing coating!

Self-Heal PLUS

This is the ULTIMATE coating product available on the market today.  This three component system provides extreme protection from all environmental factors as well as an unbelievable depth of gloss that leaves the car looking wet.  Scratches heal instantly at temperatures over 140 degrees F and within days at room temperature.  What causes the self-healing?  Nano-magnets at the end of the ceramic chains vibrate at high frequency under heat, causing the self-leveling effect.

Pricing Starts at $2,000 – 7yr Warranty  

Self Heal Lite 

Don’t let the name fool you.  Compared to Self-Heal Plus, Self-Heal Lite sacrifices some healing capabilities.  However, this one step application allows for ease of application and shorter application times for the detailer that result in us being able to offer Self-Heal Lite at a fraction of the cost of Self-Heal Plus.  Enjoy self-healing properties along with excellent hydrophobicity, UV protection, and protection from bugs, bird droppings, and scratches.

Pricing Starts at $1,200 – 5yr Warranty 



Ceramic contains more solids than Ceramic Lite, offering longer lasting and higher protection.  The lattice structure of silica, silicon-nitride, and silicon-carbide create a high level of scratch resistance, gloss, and hydrophobicity.  Customers will enjoy these benefits while making cleaning and maintaining the vehicle a breeze. 

Pricing Starts at $600 – 3yr Warranty 

Ceramic Lite 

This coating provides customers with a cost effective solution to paint protection.  After coating, the vehicle is protected from environmental damage from bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, and UV.  Along with added scratch resistance, you get a smooth, hydrophobic surface with increased gloss over just the clear coat alone.  Great for leased vehicles. s.

Pricing Starts at $350 – 1yr Warranty 



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